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Dog obedience training Stockbridge GA that fits your schedule and location.

Everyone is busy nowadays. Between work, school, baseball, and ballet, your whole family is always on the go. So if your four-legged family member is having trouble responding to commands, housebreaking, or socializing with other dogs or people, training is one more thing you have to do.

Training your dog on your own can create time pressures and headaches, which is why having the proper dog behaviorist in mind can help. But who has time to add obedience dog training to an already full calendar?


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Wouldn’t it be great if you could have someone come to you for one-to-one dog training instruction? Jump Start Dog Training can save the day. We offer private training with your dog at your home, on your schedule. It’s like a dog obedience program that’s just for you and your family. In five training sessions, you’ll see a difference in your dog without having to leave the neighborhood. 

Our in-home obedience dog training program covers clear communication and handling skills; proper manners and housebreaking; leash walking without pulling; “Sit,” “Down,” and “Come” obedience commands; exposure to neighborhood sounds, sights and dogs walking nearby; and socialization.

Effective training for dogs of any age and size in, Best Dog Trainer in Stockbridge GA

Our trainers have decades of combined experience and hail from the working-dog world. The reason our unique expertise gives us an advantage is because we are accustomed to resolving real-life problems at the highest levels. In addition to training performance dogs, our trainers are qualified Star Puppy evaluators and experienced at preparing dogs for the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) evaluation. We understand that each dog is unique and there is not one solution that works for every dog.It’s easy to buy into the mistaken notion that obedience training is the same for every dog. What works for an older dog may not work for a puppy, so it’s not always a good idea to send a puppy to obedience training with more mature dogs. 

Puppy training classes concentrate on the needs of younger dogs, including specialized playtime. Jump Start Dog Training will devise the right dog training classes, regardless of whether your dog is a puppy or an adult. 

Our trainers will make sure your dog receives the most effective training for his or her level of maturity, breed and size. 


Obedience training Stockbridge GA, It isn’t just about bribing your dog with treats.

Many owners approach behavior modification dog training by offering treats as a reward for good behavior. That method works until your dog comes to expect food or some other treat every time he or she does what you ask. Our training programs teaches the dog to understand that all forms of rewards come through cooperation with the owner, rather than reacting to the owner having a visible reward in their hand.  

At Jump Start Dog Training, we can stop your dog from expecting treats constantly by training him or her to obey commands even when you don’t offer a reward. Our private dog training sessions are reasonably priced, and we’ll come to you for specialized obedience training wherever you are in Stockbridge Georgia .


Dog Behavior modification in Stockbridge GA you can rely on.

If you’re looking for training for aggressive dogs, a behavior modification program, or even housebreaking dog training, don’t wait until you’re frustrated to call Jump Start Dog Training. We make obedience training for your dog worry-free and convenient. Our training programs build an enriched relationship with you and your dog through clear communication, trust and interactive games.  Take the next step by scheduling a complimentary phone consultation with one of our trainers today!