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Effective Obedience Dog Training Lawrenceville Georgia

As a dog lover, you know how important four-legged family members can be. Everyone wants their family to be happy, and that includes dogs. But sometimes, even the best dogs can struggle with behavioral problems.

Maybe your dog is having trouble responding to commands, or maybe you’re having a tough time housebreaking him or her. You may even find yourself dealing with deeper behavioral issues. When your dog needs obedience training or behavior modification, it’s comforting to have a dog behaviorist that you can count on.

There’s one company in Lawrenceville Ga that offers effective and affordable solutions for training your dog: Jump Start Dog Training. We have a slate of dog training classes that can address issues from the simplest to the most complex, and we’re right here in the Lawrenceville Ga area.


We provide fast results to any training or behavior problem from puppy training to general dog obedience. We are dedicated to delivering long-lasting training built on trust and clear communication.


  • Results oriented training conducted by an expert dog trainer and behavior specialist.
  • One-to-one attention
  • Custom training plans
  • Follow-up support between sessions as needed via email, text or phone.
  • Continued support via email following the completion of your training program.

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Obedience Training Classes Lawrenceville Ga

You don’t have to travel far to find a dog obedience school that gets solid results. Jump Start Dog Training has locations all over Lawrenceville Ga, and you’re bound to find one that’s convenient for you. In five easy private dog training sessions, you’ll be able to see a difference in your dog, no matter his or her size or maturity level.

Our dog boot camp will fit the specific needs of your dog, and the program covers the most common issues, such as clear communication and handling skills; socialization; leash walking without pulling; proper manners and housebreaking; “Sit,” “Down,” and “Come” obedience commands; and exposure to new places, people, other dogs and environmental distractions.

With so many convenient locations throughout the Lawrenceville Ga area, you’ll find a Jump Start Dog Training location and program that will benefit your dog and the rest of your family without a significant time commitment. From puppies to adult dogs, our dog obedience training program will give you peace of mind and more enjoyment.

Private Obedience Lessons Lawrenceville Ga

Private lessons are offered in five-lesson packages, making it easy to accelerate results without a significant time commitment. Jump Start your dog’s training at one of our convenient meeting locations throughout the Lawrenceville Ga area by requesting a complimentary phone consultation with one of our trainers.

Our private training program covers:

  • Leash walking without pulling
  • Proper manners and housebreaking
  • “Sit, down, and come” obedience commands
  • Clear communication and handling skills
  • Exposure to new places, people, other dogs and environmental distractions
  • Socialization

Cost: $575 / includes 5 one-on-one lessons

Private training program - Obedience. Packages available.
Dog training - obedience lessons. Obedience commands, socialization, walking without pulling and more.

We Can Bring Obedience Training to You

If your family is pulled in multiple directions every week, you may find that adding one more activity to the schedule won’t work. Don’t allow a busy schedule to prevent you from getting the dog obedience training that you need.

Jump Start Dog Training can come to you if your family lives in Lawrenceville Ga. Whether you want to give your new furry friend the puppy training that it needs, or whether you’re looking for training for aggressive dogs, or anything else in between, we can design an effective in home dog training regimen that will give you results in five sessions.

Our trainers will come to you and help your dog with proper manners and housebreaking; clear communication and handling skills; leash walking without pulling; common obedience commands; exposure to neighborhood sounds, sights and dogs walking nearby; and socialization. Jump Start Dog Training can make the time you spend with your dog more rewarding and fun.

In-home training dog training. Private training, package 5 in-home training sessions.
Private training for dog in-home, socialization, walking without pulling. Contact now!

In-Home Training Lawrenceville Ga

Nothing beats the convenience of having a dog trainer come to your home, which is why the Jump Start In-home program is recommended for busy dog owners who want all of the benefits of private training without having to leave the comfort of their neighborhood.
Our in-home training program covers:
  • Leash walking without pulling
  • Proper manners and housebreaking
  • “Sit, down, and come” obedience commands
  • Clear communication and handling skills
  • Exposure to neighborhood sounds, sights and dogs walking nearby
  • Socialization

Cost: $1,150 / includes 5 in-home training sessions

Behavior Modification Therapy for Your Dog

There are times when obedience training isn’t enough for your dog. Some dogs deal with stress and anxiety when they’re exposed to new situations and places. A dog may react with timidity or shyness, or he or she may become disruptive and hard to handle. At these times, you need behavior modification therapy that goes beyond obedience training.

At Jump Start Dog Training, we can help your dog overcome these deep behavioral issues and find balance. We employ top of the line behavior modification techniques at our Lawrenceville Ga locations to help your dog break the emotional conditioning that causes him or her to lash out or shut down. Our program shows your dog how to control his or her emotional reactions and put an end to extreme behavioral issues.

Behavioral Modification Lawrenceville Ga

If your dog is timid and struggling with confidence, reactive to other animals or otherwise disruptive, Jump Start Dog trainers are here to help.  We will restore balance, confidence and control in a fair and compassionate way.

What You’ll Get:

  • A customized training plan
  • Restored balance
  • The ability to control your dog at home and in public
  • Continued support via email following the completion of your training course

Starting cost: $750 / includes 5 one-to-one training sessions

*Please note that some behavioral problems require additional time and costs.

Dog behaviour modification therapy comprehensive and affordable programs in area Atlanta.
Customized training plan behavioural modification for dog. 5 one-to-one training sessions. Available in Atlanta and suburbs. Contact now.

Your Dog Training and Therapy Partner in Lawrenceville Ga

No matter how basic or complex your dog’s obedience and behavioral issues may be, you can count on Jump Start Dog Training for a comprehensive and effective training solution. Our programs are affordable and convenient no matter what part of Lawrenceville Ga you call home. Let us be your partner in helping your dog become more enjoyable for the rest of the family.

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