Dog Obedience Training Sandy Springs GA

Obedience training for all your family members

These days, your dog isn’t just a pet. He or she is part of your family. So if your dog is having trouble obeying your commands, what do you do? Maybe he won’t respond to commands, or maybe she doesn’t socialize well with people or other dogs. Or housebreaking could be your dog’s issue. 

Training your dog on your own can be frustrating and difficult, which is why having the proper dog trainer at your fingertips can save time and headache. No matter what behavioral problems your dog is dealing with, the proper obedience dog training can solve a host of issues.

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That’s where Jump Start Dog Training comes in. We offer one-on-one training with your dog at one of our convenient meeting locations right here in  Sandy Springs GA. In five sessions of our training, you’ll see results without a major time commitment. It’s a program which focuses on the fundamental aspects of building a successful and long-lasting relationship with your dog: clear communication, functional handling and reward based interaction. 

Our private training program covers leash walking without pulling; proper manners and housebreaking; “Sit,” “Down,” and “Come” obedience commands; clear understanding and cooperation; exposure to new places, people, other dogs and environmental distractions; and socialization.

Dog obedience training isn’t just about bribing your dog with treats.

At Jump Start Dog Training, we teach the dog and handler how to cooperate with each other through an effective reward based system. Our training sessions are affordable, and you’re bound to find a location that’s convenient for you no matter where you are in Sandy Springs GA.

Sandy Springs GA Expert dog training classes for dogs of all ages

There’s not a one size fits all approach to dog training. What works for one dog may not be effective for another.  Puppy training includes specialized time of play and socialization, and these dog training classes concentrate on the needs of younger dogs. At the same time, adult dogs need age appropriate training techniques. When you call Jump Start Dog Training, you don’t have to worry about finding the effective instruction for your furry family member, no matter whether he or she is a puppy or an adult. 

Our Sandy Springs GA expert dog trainers will make sure your dog receives training that is tailored to the individual dog and owner.  


Dog behavior modification you can count on

Whether you’re looking to get your dog on a housebreaking routine, achieve basic obedience or need behavior modification, don’t wait until you’re at the end of your rope. Jump Start Dog Training can take the worry out of gaining control of and building a successful relationship with your dog. Our specialized programs and convenient meeting locations can give you peace of mind and more enjoyment for your family. Need aggressive dog behavior training in Sandy Springs GA? No Problem! Jump Start Dog trainers are ready to answer questions and enroll your dog, take the next step by calling us today!