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When Obedience Training for Your Dog Isn’t Enough

It’s one thing to have a dog who jumps on furniture, has a hard time responding to commands, or refuses to be housebroken. It’s a completely different issue when your dog is on the extremes of the behavior spectrum. 

Dogs who are completely disruptive can be difficult to deal with, but timid or shy dogs who have issues with confidence can be just as much trouble in their own way. If you’re struggling with a dog at either extreme, you need more than just obedience training. You need a local Jonesboro GA dog behaviorist.

That’s where Jump Start Dog Training comes in. We offer a complete system of dog behavior training that goes beyond merely training your dog. If you’re looking for a dog behaviorist in the Jonesboro GA who can help your family, we can restore balance to your home. Our program offers you a customized training plan and the ability to control your dog at home and in public, all in five affordable sessions. We even follow up with continued support via email upon completion of your training course.

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Is Your Dog’s Disobedience Stress Related?

Severe disobedience issues can create difficulties and even be disruptive to families, but a dog with behavioral problems doesn’t have to wreak havoc on your life. 

Many issues with behavior in dogs can be stress related. Just like with humans, a dog may not know how to respond to stress or how to process new or challenging situations. Dogs can feel uncomfortable or anxious but not know how to express those sensations. Dogs undergoing stress may yawn or scratch when you give them a command. They may lick their lips or refuse treats, and they may even look away 

Dogs who have issues relating to stress may not benefit from dog obedience classes. Instead, they may need a more concentrated behavior modification program, and Jump Start Dog Training can offer a system that will help your dog.


Next Level of Dog Training Jonesboro GA

Behavior modification therapy goes beyond dog obedience training. It’s another level of training that will help your dog overcome issues that basic training won’t address. Where obedience dog training can help your dog master “life skills” like housebreaking, leash walking, and basic commands, they focus on cause and effect in order to teach obedience.

Dog behavior training works differently because it helps condition your dog to control the emotional reactions that obedience training cannot focus on. These tactics form a different kind of conditioning that effectively changes how your dog responds to various situations.

The type of dog behavior training techniques that Jump Start Dog Training offers go beyond obedience and aggressive dog training and can help your dog overcome complicated behavioral issues.


Dog Behavior Modification Jonesboro GA Can Trust

If you’re looking for a way to get a handle on issues with your dog’s conduct, you’re ready for dog behavior training also known as dog behavior modification therapy. Jump Start Dog Training offers a comprehensive and affordable program for our Jonesboro GA behavior modification dog training that will give your family peace of mind and allow you to enjoy your dog more than ever. Don’t hesitate to call us – we can help you. 770.250.5739